Woodhouse Academy
Woodhouse Academy provides students with a learning environment that is safe, nurturing, community based, predictable and structured. The program focuses on providing each student with a solid educational experience while developing the necessary social skills they require.

The program is non-punitive and uses collaborative problem solving as the means for addressing all school and social issues that arise. By employing small class sizes, each student receives individualized and personalized attention.

Our staff has the clinical expertise and training to successfully execute a program that utilizes: social emotional learning, special education techniques, relationship building, community building processes and therapeutic social recreation. In recognizing that the students’ success is not limited to just the school environment but the home environment as well, our staff provides parent support and guidance.

The Woodhouse program focuses on addressing: executive functioning skills, academic competence, social communication, social skills, problem solving skills and emotional growth.

Woodhouse Academy students benefit from a program with:
- Specialization in adolescent life
- Solid educational experiences
- Small class size and meaningful community
- Individualized and personalized attention
- Special Education techniques
- Psychoeducational approach
- Parent support and guidance
- Social and group dynamic skill development
- A Collaborative problem solving orientation

The Woodhouse program is not designed for youngsters who are aggressive, violent, or sexually inappropriate.

Woodhouse Academy is a Connecticut State Department of Education approved special education program.

For further information, please contact Barbara Feldman at 203-877-9121.

4 Oxford Road, Building F, Milford, CT 06460    Tel: 203-877-9121    Fax: 203-877-4453    Email: succeed@woodhouseacademy.com