Academic Program

Understanding by Design
Understanding by Design (UBD) is a unique method of learning that focuses on developing your child’s understanding of important concepts. It is not the usual blind memorization of facts and figures that are then regurgitated without meaning. Through the UBD system your child develops higher level thinking skills.

Our program also incorporates features beyond the core curriculum to maximize learning:

  • The Arts
  • Executive Functioning Skills
  • Distance Learning Classes
  • Technology in the classroom
  • College prep

Transition Skills
Our Transition Skills curriculum is specifically designed to have your child participate in a wide variety of mentally engaging projects. They’re geared to improve executive functioning skills and get them ready to succeed in the “real world.” These projects help with:

  • Time management and organization
  • Self-advocacy
  • Problem-solving
  • Flexible thinking
  • Initiating classwork
  • Inhibition control
  • Self Monitoring
  • Emotional Regulation

Extended School Year
At Woodhouse, we’ve learned that providing an optional extended school year is highly beneficial. It allows your child to maintain the structure of attending school while retaining and reinforcing the skills learned during the regular school year.