The genuine nature at Woodhouse Academy left me dumbfounded and confused. With the passing of every day, my fears turned to love for the place and people here. They helped me realize my potential. I was reminded to reach for the stars. I was taught how to put action behind my dreams. These feelings would not be possible without the amazing staff here. They actually care what happens to me ... The bottom line is this school is a blessing, a light at the end of a dark tunnel. N.S. (Student)
When my son started at Woodhouse Academy, he was 16, had been out of school for two years experiencing crippling anxiety and depression, and was almost non-verbal. I had serious doubts that he would be able to handle Woodhouse, but it had come highly recommended by my son’s therapist and the parents of another child in attendance. The summer program flew by - he actually got out of bed to go to school! In the year that he has attended Woodhouse, he has blossomed - he talks, he works and does well in school; he ENJOYS school and misses it during vacations, has made friends and feels in his element! I cannot sufficiently express the relief and gratitude his father and I feel for the wonderful staff, who have nurtured him, believed in him, brought out the best in him and made him believe in himself - he even wants to go to college! I do not exaggerate when I say Woodhouse saved our son, and our family - thank you! T & B (Parents)
My son started at Woodhouse Academy toward the end of his sophomore year in high school. It was the first time that he came home from school every day saying, “I love school!” He has grown into an exceptional young man, most of which is due to the staff at Woodhouse. They treat each child as an individual, celebrating their unique personalities and recognizing their strengths. My son no longer came home with stories about his bad day in school. Instead, he came home smiling about the kids in his class, what he created in the art studio, and how they went to Starbuck’s at the end of day. L.D. (Parent)
This year at Woodhouse I’ve seen him make great strides toward independence ... My son feels so much better about himself and for the first time I see him taking pride in his school work. ... For the first time I feel he has taken steps towards realizing his talents. You have made a profound difference in not only his life, but in the quality of life in our home. Saying thank you cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel. L.G. (Parent)
At Woodhouse I have not only succeeded in academics but also life management. I have come to understand by working with Woodhouse staff that no question is a dumb question and opinions supported are never wrong. The LD/s that once held me back in my academic and social life are now things that I know I struggle with and things I understand enough to work to overcome. I consider my time spent at Woodhouse a foundation for the future. Being a student at Woodhouse Academy has taught me to believe in myself and when I do, others will also believe in me. S.H. (Student)