School Refusal Re-Integration

What happens when your child absolutely refuses to go to school? Does he not get out of bed no matter much you beg, yell, even bribe? Does she lock herself in the bathroom where no amount of door banging resolves things? Does your child have a total meltdown? There any number of reasons why your child behaves that way:

  • Emotional issues such as anxiety and depression
  • A history of being bullied or abusive social relationships
  • Lack of academic accomplishments/Fear of failure
  • Difficulty with social interactions

Whatever the issue, it’s difficult and frustrating for you and probably terrifying for your child. Working with you, your child, and your school district, we at Woodhouse Academy can help.

Using proven educational and psychological approaches, Woodhouse has a unique program to successfully transition your child from not attending school regularly to re-integrating full time into Woodhouse Academy. Each aspect of the program is tailored to meet your child’s specific needs.

It all starts with an evaluation by the school’s consulting psychiatrist who will:

  • Review your child’s records
  • Determine your child’s program eligibility
  • Meet with your child upon acceptance into the program
  • Identify the reasons behind the school refusal behavior
  • Work with the clinical staff to develop customized strategies

Our re-integration program begins at the end of the regular school day. Typically, your child will attend the Woodhouse re-integration program from 3 – 5pm. During that time your child will receive the benefit of individual and group counseling where the identification and development of strategies for your child will take place, along with participating in subjects and activities based on their preferences:

  • Music
  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Technology
  • Socialization activities and academics

When your child can successfully participate in the two-hour re-integration program, the next steps are:

  • To comfortably transition them into regular afternoon classes in addition to their two-hour special classes
  • Then complete the re-integration program by attending the full day Woodhouse class schedule

School should be a fun activity filled with friendship, learning, laughter, and building of fond memories. At Woodhouse Academy our teachers, counselors, administrators, and clinical staff work to help make all of those positive experiences part of your child’s life.